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How-to Casting Tips

My background in national tournament casting prompted me to bring you some flycasting 'how-to's' via videos in the near future. I do casting clinics around the country in Wisconsin and the Middle West, so I'll take what I teach in the clinics and translate that into these videos, with the support of flycasting champion, Steve Rajeff. Keep an eye on the site for them!

In the meantime, try my video on Fishing Tips.

Fishing Tips Video

This movie is a composite of a series of short videos I made a while back for a series called "Fly Fishing the Big Sky" hosted by a local TV station in Bozeman, Montana. I cover a lot of tips in 1.5-minute shorts, including casting, rowing, and such.

I had a lot of fun shooting these shorts. They give you an idea of teaching style: concise, easy-to-learn, and just plain fun. Keep in mind that this is dated video material, but the techniques and fishing styles are as applicable today as they were when I made these vids. How dated, you ask?  Well, when you come across the roll-cast short, that pond I'm working on is now filled in and covered over with new houses . . .